How is studying Computer science at WSB Merito going to benefit you?

Forma studiów

Form of the studies

This degree programme is conducted in the full-time mode.

In the full-time mode, you will meet with your academic teachers and fellow students in the University’s classrooms during classes conducted on working days, usually 3 or 4 times a week.




Sposób realizacji studiów

This degree programme can be conducted:

  • in the hybrid form: lectures are conducted online, and practicals take place in the University’s classrooms.

On one day you will have only lectures or only practicals.


The degree programme was created in response to the needs of the labour market. Graduates receive an Engineering diploma. Thanks to this programme, you will become a specialist able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice, to solve problems creatively and to create your own reality.

Thanks to our cooperation with Microsoft, you will have a possibility to broaden your knowledge and develop skills by using Dreamspark and Azure plarform. The acquired IT competence may give you an advantage on the labour market.

Engineers are a professional group in demand. By studying for an engineering degree, you increase your chances of finding a job in line with your interests after the studies or even during them.

As part of the programme, you will get acquainted with the most commonly used programming languages (such as C++, Python, ABAP, R), platforms (e.g. Embedded, VR, Cognitive) and systems (SAP BASIS). The knowledge of various tools will allow you to freely choose your job after graduation.

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As a student of WSB Merito, you can benefit from the assistance of our Career Office, and start to gain professional experience during your studies.

In order to make this process easier, we have granted our students the access to JobTeaser, a career and job search platform used at more than 700 universities in Europe. It is a place where employers can easily and quickly add job offers and contact students.



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dla kogo

The Computer science degree programme is addressed to people who want to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in the IT field. It is intended for people who want to work as programmers, web developers, app developers, software testers.  The programme is conducted in English, which will help you improve your language skills and familiarise yourself with the industry-specific vocabulary.

The programme’s features:

Studies in English
2 specialisations to choose from
Classes by experts
Specialised software

What will you learn during your studies?

komputer 1
To design computer systems; to diagnose and solve problems independently.
To work on software development as part of individual projects and tasks within a development team.
To create websites and to administrate them.
To use programming tools in order to create new apps for the most popular platforms.

Zobacz specjalności na tym kierunku

Graphic Design
Stacjonarne Hybrydowe Studia inżynierskie Angielski Od marca
od 955 zł
Stacjonarne Hybrydowe Studia inżynierskie Angielski Od marca
od 955 zł

Partnerzy kierunku

Współpracujemy z wieloma firmami, dzięki czemu na bieżąco dostosowujemy program nauczania do wymagań danej branży.

Rules of admission

You can become a Computer science student (1st cycle) after completing secondary education, passing a secondary school-leaving examination (matura or equivalent) and receiving a secondary school-leaving examination certificate. The admission is based on the first-come-first service rule. The candidate is obliged to submit all the necessary documents and fulfil the requirements deriving from the rules of admission.

Familiarise yourself with the rules of admission and enrol for the studies in 5 easy steps.


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