Why is it worth using the Digital Library?

You can use the Digital Library no matter where you are, the only thing you need is a device with the Internet access.

In the Digital Library you will find magazines, books, manuals, i.e. textbooks, podcasts and much more. In the Teaching materials section, there are materials and teaching aids, incl. case studies or multimedia recordings, such as videos, divided into thematic collections. In the Lecturer's Library section there are materials for lecturers, helpful in conducting classes with students.

Faculty Library vs. Digital Library

Are the resources of the Digital Library the same as the Faculty Library?


You can find books or magazines in the Faculty Library, but the Digital Library offers many more resources such as tailor-made podcasts, videos, manuals and case studies. They are a great complement to the faculty materials and provide you with additional practical issues.


More at: www.biblioteka.cyfrowauczelnia.pl