Career Services

The Career Services Office is the place where you will get professional guidance in choosing a career path and career development options. This is also the right address to go to if you are thinking of a work placement or internship with one of the hundreds of companies partnering with the WSB Merito Universities. Seeking permanent employment? Contact the Office for support, too!


Poznań, Ratajczaka 5/7, room 304 CP, 308 CP
tel. 61 655 33 35 / e-mail:
Working hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00-15:30
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Internships: room 304 CP
tel. 61 655 33 93 / e-mail:


Working hours

Monday 12:00-16:00

Tuesday 13:00-17:00

Wednesday 10:00-16:00

Saturday godz. 9:00-14:00


If you cannot meet us during these ours, please contact us via e-mail

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