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We are perfectly aware that nowadays social media have commanded modern communication on the Internet. Surely, you take advantage of at least some of them, which is why we are there for you. We want you to remain in the loop on what relevant and exciting events are currently in progress at your university. All you need to do is find us on the channel that is closest to you, and we will deliver all pertinent information.


Do you want to keep up with the events that are currently taking place at the University? On the profile of your University, you will find everything you need to know, from changes in the office hours of the Registrar’s office to interesting events, lectures, video broadcasts and reports on the graduation ceremonies. Following our profile, you can also count on a healthy dose of entertainment, which will certainly come handy in combating stress between exams.


You can also visit our profile provided by our students, who can answer for all your questions.




If you are looking for a lot of consistent knowledge, interesting webinars, lectures from well-known representatives of science, you want to know how to deal with stress, how to focus on your work or how to boost your skills, be sure to check out the WSB Merito channel on youtube.

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WSB Merito’s Twitter has been embraced by our lecturers, experts in their respective fields. They closely follow and comment on current economic, business, and political events in the country and around the world. Are you bold? Do you feel strongly about specific social and economic issues? Express your opinion and join the @EksperciWSB discussion.


A place where you go beyond looking at your University through a camera lens, or rather a matrix, and have a peek at its students and staff. Do you want to share the student moments you cherish with others? Take a picture of yourself, mark it with our official hashtag. #ilovewsb, and join the WSB Merito community.