FAQ for foreign students

1. Until when does the recruitment process of foreigners last?

Following recruitment rules for 2023/2023 enrollment for higher education at WSB University in Wroclaw lasts until October 15, 2023.

2. At what times and where is the service for foreigners?

Please, contact the dedicated Admission office at our University. Fabryczna 29-31 street, building A, room 102, 53-609 Wroclaw. You can find the current open days and hours at https://www.merito.pl/wroclaw/kontakt


Contact by phone and email:

  •  studies in Polish language:

tel.: 71 376 23 68, +48 660 506 805
e-mail: study@wsb.wroclaw.pl

  • studies in English language:

tel.: +48 666 345 187 (for English)
e-mail: studyinenglish@wsb.wroclaw.pl

3.Apostille/ Legalization

Our University requires is an apostilled, or legalized certificate, or diploma, to form the basis for admission to studies. It is a confirmation that the given document comes from a competent office - it is authentic. Thanks to this you can use it outside your country.


Apostille/ Legalization does not apply only to certificates/diplomas issued in Poland.


Who needs an apostille?

Each candidate for studies in our University who has a foreign certificate/diploma was issued in a country that is partly to Hague Convention (https://www.hcch.net/an/instruments/conventions/status-table/?cid=41)


Where to get an apostille?

At the Ministry of Education in the country where the certificate/diploma was issued. Information about Ukraine: https://apostille.in.ua/ua/pro-apostyl


Who needs legalization?

Candidates with foreign certificates/diplomas that do not require an apostille.


Where to get legalization?

You can legalize foreign documents at the Consulate Department of the Embassy of the RPW in your country. Embassy of the Republic of Poland around the world https://www.gov.pl/web/dyplomacja/polskie-przedstawicielstwa-na-swiecie


Attention! For legalization, super legalization is required, usually from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a given country or another local office that will certify the documents. Remember that the consulate will refuse to legalize documents that do not contain super legalization (i.e. authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

4. Is a language proficiency certificate required?

Foreigners who match one of the following conditions may apply to studies in Polish:

  1. Complete a one-year preparatory course to study in Polish in unites designated by the Ministry of Education and Scientists, or
  2. Submit a certificate of knowledge of the Polish language issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a foreign language, or
  3. Submit other documents confirming the knowledge of the Polish language, e.g. a secondary school diploma in which Polish was the language of instruction, a diploma of graduation with Polish as the language of instruction, a diploma in Polish philology, or
  4. Submit a declaration of knowledge of the Polish language at a level that allows to start studies in Polish at WBS University.


Attention. Additional recruitment requirements in the field of language knowledge are in the field of philology of the bachelor's and master's degree and specializations in English at bachelor’s degree studies: Business Administration, Software Development and in the master's degree studies in International Management or International Logistics, recruitment rules: PL. EN.

Remember that during studies in Polish, classes are conducted at the B1 level, at the bachelor's degree B1 in English, and the master's degree B2. However, to study Philology, the Polish language is required at level B1, and the foreign language you will learn from the beginning is A1, and in the case of Continuing Philology B1, and at the master's degree C1

5. Is a translation required?

If your documents are in languages other than English, Polish, Ukrainian or Russian, they must be translated into Polish or English by a sworn translator or other entity competent to prepare or certify translations, into Polish of certificates or similar documents following Polish.   

The list of sworn translators is available on the website of the Ministry of Justice. If we require a translation from you, you will receive it in the list of documents to be delivered. 

6. What documents are required to enter studies and obtain a visa admission certificate?

When signing up for studies at https://www.merito.pl/rekrutacja/kroki  you will receive from us all information.    

List of documents:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate with a supplement (for the bachelors/engineering studies) legalized or with an apostille (see point 3) 
  • a diploma with a supplement (for the master's studies) legalized or affixed with an apostille (see point 3) 
  • a translation of the certificate/diploma along with the supplement (see point 5)  
  • some certificates will require recognition by the decision of the Education Superintendent, about which you will be informed by the Admission Office https://www.kuratorium.wroclaw.pl/category/zalatwianie-spraw/nostryfika…;(if you need help in completing the application, contact the Admission Office for Foreigners) 
  • some diplomas will require the opinion of the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), which you will be informed about by the Admission Office https://nawa.gov.pl/uznawalnosc/wydwanie-informacji-o-zagranicznych-dyp…;(if you need help completing the application, contact the Admission Office for Foreigners) 
  • confirmation of the knowledge of the language in which the classes will be conducted; you can fold relevant certificates or submit the statement you will receive from us.
  • 1 color photo in accordance with the requirements for photos for the passport
  • The first page of the passport with the passport number visible for inspection 
  • in the case of minors: a written declaration of the parent or legal guardian of consent to study and signing the Agreement on the provision of educational services  
  • additional requirements resulting from the recruitment rules for individual fields of study or specialization  
  • application for recognition of learning outcomes (for master's studies) - for Candidates who want to continue their studies in a different field of study (not related to the completed field of study), about which you will be informed by the Admission Office if required
  • for Candidates who have an attorney residing in Poland or another OECD country - Instruction - address or an attorney for service  


Details in the recruitment rules: PL, EN   


What's next?    

After providing the Admissions Office with all the required documents in electronic form, wait for confirmation. If the documents are confirmed, you can sign an agreement with the university electronically. Remember that after the submission of a complete set of documents and the signing of the contract by both sides, the final thing is to receive the admission decision that we will send you or upload to the recruitment account. After its collection, only the Admissions Office will send you a certificate of admission, with which you can apply for a student visa. The original documents must reach the University by October 15th (i.e. the end of enrollment). The university does not provide support in the visa process or accommodation.   

Can my brother (sister) bring the originals for me and collect the certificate?  Original documents can be delivered by someone else, they can also be sent by post, courier, or to a parcel locker at our address: Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa in Wrocław, Fabryczna 29-31 street, 53 609, Wrocław with a note Admissions Office, building A room 102; You can send the documents to the parcel locker number WRO109M (phone number for sending the parcel: 532 541 134)    

If you want someone to collect the certificate on your behalf, they must have your power of attorney, send it to us by e-mail, from the e-mail address from which you signed up for studies, along with your data, name, and surname, and passport data, series and number, and the same data of the person who he will receive the certificate. Remember that the person who will have such rights must show us his / her identity document (passport) and confirm the receipt of the certificate for you on this power of attorney. 

7. Does the university have its dormitories?

Not. But you can look for information, among others at https://www.merito.pl/english/wroclaw/admissions/accommodation

8. What do I have to do to get my Admission Certificate?

Fulfill the recruitment requirements in accordance with the applicable rules, submit a complete set of documents required in the recruitment process, sign an agreement with the university, and confirm receipt of the acceptance decision sent or uploaded to the account.

9. When will I get my student ID?

The ID cards will be issued at the dean's office no earlier than October 1. Please bring a photo ID with you to collect your student ID.

If you submit a set of documents only at the end of the recruitment, we will need some time to prepare your ID. We ask for your understanding.

10. To which account do I have to pay the adaptation fee?

Only after saving and uploading to your account or sending us documents for verification, we will ask you for them and provide the account number.

11. What is an adaptation fee? What is adaptation?

See § 6 points 5 of the fee regulations that you received after registration, either by e-mail, or you have uploaded in the recruitment account.

12. What account do I have to pay the tuition fees to?

Each student is given a personal bank account number to which they should pay tuition fees. You will see them on the extranet, which you will get access to on the second in mid-September. Remember! The date of the first installment of the tuition fee and for the ID card ends September 30, 2023.

13. Does education have discounts for refugees from Ukraine?

Not. The rules of payment and promotion for foreigners are described in § 5 of the fee regulations and § 8 of the promotion regulations that you received after registration, either by e-mail, or you have uploaded in the recruitment account.

14. Does the university offer scholarships?
15. How much do studies cost?

Information can be found on our website for each of the fields of study/specialization and in the recruitment rules tab in the regulations of fees https://www.merito.pl/wroclaw/studia-i-szkolenia/studia-i-stopnia/zasad…
by enrolling in studies, you also receive detailed information about yourself in the contract.

17. Are there entrance exams?

No, but we have specific recruitment rules for individual studies that must be met. Details in the recruitment rules: PL, EN

18. Is there a Polish language exam?

No, but see point 4.

19. Can I choose two foreign languages?

As a rule, you teach one of the two languages English or German in college, but:

  1. During first-cycle studies, you can choose two languages in the
  • following fields: Tourism and Recreation - compulsory English, and a choice of German or Spanish
  • Philology - a compulsory language depending on the type of specialization chosen, the second language - to choose from Spanish or German or English or Italian Full-time language classes are held in the form of language courses, and the form of an extramural online course on the Moodle platform.
    2) In the second-cycle studies in the full-time and part-time form, you learn only one language of your choice in the form of an online course on the Moodle platform. You have a choice of English or German for the chosen field of study.

Philology - compulsory language depending on the type of specialization selected, second language - choice of Spanish or German or English or Italian.

Remember! In bachelor's studies, when you study in the full-time form, you have language classes in the form of language courses, and in the extramural form as an online course on the Moodle platform.

In the master's degree studies, full-time and part-time form. You learn only 1 language of your choice in the form of an online course on the Moodle platform: English or German for a specific field of study.

Stationary form of classes in the form of language courses extramural form online courses on the Moodle platform

  1. Full-time and part-time studies in master's degree studies.
    2. You learn only one language of your choice in the form of an online course on the Moodle platform: specialist English or German for a given field of study.
    3. Philology - compulsory language depending on the type of specialization selected, second language - choice of Spanish or German or English or Italian stationary form of classes in the form of language courses extramural form online course on the Moodle platform
  2. In master's degree studies, full-time and part-time studies.
    You learn only one language of your choice in the form of an online course on the Moodle platform: English or German specialist for the selected field of study
20. Does the university provide insurance for foreigners?

Health insurance or confirmation of coverage by the insurer of treatment costs is required not only when entering and applying for a temporary residence permit, but also during your entire stay in Poland.

If you do not have the citizenship of an EU / EFTA Member State or legal law residing in a territory other than Poland or EU / EFTA countries, you are not subject to compulsory health insurance in the territory of the Republic of Poland or another EU / EFTA Member State (e.g. compulsory insurance for an employed person, the right to report as a family member of the insured person, etc.), then you insure yourself voluntarily and independently, e.g. in the National Health Fund (NFZ). Before that, download a certificate of student status from the dean's office.

Where to insure?

DOW NFZ Insured Service Center in Wrocław ul. Dawida 2, room121, tel. +48 71 7979 133 and +48 71 7979 131

Remember! The lack of insurance may result in the withdrawal of the temporary residence permit. On the other hand, not leaving Poland, despite the withdrawal of the temporary residence permit, may be associated with a re-entry ban for at least 6 months.

Detailed information on health insurance for admitted students can be found in the Extranet in the "Dean's Office → Health Insurance" tab. There is a possibility of accident insurance. Information on this can be found in the extranet in the "Dean's Office → Accident Insurance" tab. If you are interested in health insurance through the university, report to the Human Resources and Payroll Department, which works from Monday to Friday from 7: 00-15: 00, tel. +48 71 356 16 29, e-mail: kadry@wsb.wroclaw.pl.

21. Does the university help with finding accommodation?

See point 7.

22. Can I transfer my documents from a Ukrainian university?

Yes, in accordance with the adopted procedure described at https://www.merito.pl/wroclaw/studia-i-szkolenia/przeniesienie-z-innej-…

23. Are there age limits?


24. Will I get a visa certificate if I have paid for my tuition fee?

At the recruitment stage, we do not require payment of tuition fees. You pay the first installment by September 30, following the payment regulations and contract. If you pay the adaptation fee, you have a confirmation of the transfer.

If it is necessary to confirm the payment of tuition fees for the visa process, please send us this information from the official website of the facility, where you will apply for it along with your passport details (name, passport series, and number) and attach a legible scan of the confirmation make a payment to the bank account of our University, to the following address: dofs@wsb.wroclaw.pl; Remember! Send this information to us from the e-mail address you were recruited for your studies. Payment certificates are issued only to persons who submitted a complete set of required documents in the recruitment process, confirmed receipt of the admission decision, and are entered on the list of students. The Student Financial Service Department takes some time to verify your details and the payments made, then it will prepare a certificate confirming payment of the tuition fee, which is needed when applying for the visa, and will send it to you by e-mail.

25. Will I get a visa certificate if the University provide accommodation?

No, see point 7.

26. Are the originals necessary?

Because I have them in the dean's office in Ukraine. Yes, but you have to deliver them by the end of the recruitment, which is on October 15, to our Foreigner Recruitment Office, building A, room 102. If you have a problem with it, please report it to us urgently to arrange a procedure.

27. Can an apostille be made in Poland?

Not. See section 3.

28. Can I study two courses?

It depends on the form of studies, you will combine full-time studies with part-time studies.

29. How long does it take for the certificate to be issued?

Max. up to 7 days, provided that you submit a complete set of documents.

30. I do not have access to the extranet.

You will receive it after meeting the conditions resulting from the recruitment rules, submitting a complete set of documents, receiving the admission decision, and entering the student list. It will come by e-mail to your address from the second half of September. If you do this only at the end of the recruitment, we will need some time to provide you with access to the Extranet. We ask for your understanding

31. When will I get access to the Extranet?

Each new student will have access to the Extranet in the second half of September. Link to the Extranet

After receiving the email with your login details, wait 24 hours and try to log into the extranet. If you are a graduate of the bachelor's degree studies at WSB in Wrocław and continue your studies at the master's degree studies, your album number and the method of logging into the Extranet will not change.

32. Where can I find information for new students (first lesson, schedule, Extranet, student card, payments, insurance, invoice, group enrollment, Dean's offices, internships)?
33. How to get to WSB University in Wrocław?

You can reach us by MPK (by bus, and soon by tram) and PKP (by train).

Plan your journey to the university by public transport from anywhere by entering Higher Banking School Aleja Graduates at www.jakdojade.pl/wroclaw/trasa/

Instead of using single tickets, use URBANCARD, details at www.urbancard.pl

If you plan to commute to PKP, there are two railway stations closest to the university - Wrocław Mikołajów (approx. 20 minutes on foot) and Wrocław Muchobór (approx. 10 minutes on foot).


If you did not find an answer to your question, contact us depending on the language of your studies of choice:

We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.