If you are wishing to participate in Erasmus+ Program at WSB Merito Univeristy in Poznań you should contact the International Relations Office of your own university first. They will inform you of the necessary steps and the application procedure that you have to pass at your home univeristy.

Are you a student at one of our partner universities? To find out, please check with your Erasmus coordinator if there is an agreement with WSB Merito University in Poznań or have a look here if your university is listed.

Erasmus Code



Institutional Coordinator

Krzysztof Sajon

Contact Person

Nadia Seyfetdinova: nadia.seyfetdinova@wsb.poznan.pl

Patrycja Klamecka: patrycja.klamecka@wsb.poznan.pl

Anna Urbaniak: anna.urbaniak@wsb.poznan.pl

Marcelina Mikołajczak: marcelina.mikolajczak@wsb.poznan.pl

Opening Hours for Students

10am – 3pm (Mon-Fri)


+48 61 6 55 33 91

Application Deadline

  • Winter Semester: 15th August
  • Summer Semester: 15th December

Please send your complete application documents no later than:

  • Winter Semester: 1st September
  • Summer Semester: 1st January

Language Requirements

Level of English: Intermediate (B1) or higher

Application Documents

  • Application form
  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of records
  • 3 photos
  • Copy of your ID or passport
  • European Health Insurance Card


The University has implemented an ECTS credit transfer system as a means of academic results recognition. The ECTS system is in compliance with the Bologna Process. In order for students to complete a semester they have to obtain 30 ECTS points.


Grading system

Merito Grades ECTS Grades
5.0 (excellent) A (excellent)
4.5 (very good) B (very good)
4.0 (good) C (good)
3.5 (more than satisfactory)      D (satisfactory)
3.0 (satisfactory) E (sufficient)
2.0 (fail) F (fail)

Practical tips


If you would like to be accommodated in a dorm, you should think about booking it 2 or even 3 months before arrival due to a small number of available rooms comparing to interested students. A single room costs aprox 200-250 Euro per month.


Our university cooperates with 2 dorms.

We would like to strongly emphasize that we are not an intermediary between dorms and students. We provide assistance only.

Living costs


The Polish unit of currency is the zloty (PLN), made up of 100 groszy (gr). You can check the current exchange rate by clicking on this link: www.nbp.pl


Banknotes come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 PLN, and coins in denominations of 1, 2 and 5 PLN and 1, 2, 10, 20 & 50 gr.


The cost of living in Poland is relatively low compared to e.g France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain or Italy. The cost of living varies considerably between the cities and the rural areas, with Warsaw being by far the most expensive location.

Typical costs include:

  • 1 liter of milk: PLN 2.00
  • loaf of bread: PLN 1-4
  • 1.5 liters of mineral water: PLN 1- 2.50
  • 1 kg apples: PLN 2-4
  • 0.5 kg pasta: PLN 3
  • 1 liter petrol: PLN 4.90
  • bottle of beer: PLN 2.50
  • lunch in a bar: PLN 10-20
  • restaurant meal: PLN 25-50
  • cinema ticket: PLN 15-20
  • cottage cheese: PLN 2-3

Public transportation


Poznań is served by an extensive public transportation system operated by the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) which makes it possible to reach the desired part of the city reasonably quickly. The city transportation system operates 24 hours a day and comprises bus and tram routes and the Poznań Fast Tramway (PST).


Using public transport is advisable not only because of rush hour traffic jams but also because of its low cost.  As a result the public transportation is popular with Poznań residents. You can find more at mpk.poznan.pl.


For suggestions on reaching certain destination in Poznań visit the webpage: How to get there?

Buddy system

Are you afraid of being alone in a completely new place all by yourself? Maybe you have problems finding accommodation or your landlord speaks only Polish?

Before arrival you’ll get your own Buddy. He/She will help you with every problem that might occur during your stay in Poznań.
Buddies are students of WSB University in Poznań that have voluntarily agreed to help Erasmus students.


Head of International Relations Office
Krzysztof Sajon
e-mail: krzysztof.sajon@wsb.poznan.pl
tel.: +48 61 655 33 90


International Relations Officer

Nadia Seyfetdinova
e-mail: nadia.seyfetdinova@wsb.poznan.pl
tel.: +48 61 655 33 91

Our office (200 CP) is located in CP Building at ul. Ratajczaka 5/7


Mailing address

Uniwersytet Merito w Poznaniu (WSB Merito University in Poznań)
ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 5
61-895 Poznań, Poland