Professor Tomasz Zarębski, a research-and-teaching employee of the University of Lower Silesia in Wrocław, was among the laureates of the National Program for the Development of Humanities, module Uniwersalia 2.2.

17 applications were submitted to the competition. The Minister of Education and Science qualified 8 projects for financing, including the project entitled “Polish translation and scientific study of the work ‘The Uses of Argument’ by Stephen Edelston Toulmin”, granting it funding in the amount of PLN 47,608.44.


The competition finances original research projects carried out in Poland, including studies of the most important works of world culture and their translations into Polish accompanied by a thorough, scientific and original editorial commentary, in order to include these works in the circulation of Polish scientific humanities.


The project of professor Zarębski is an original research concept whose aim is to present new scientific knowledge about the work “The Uses of Argument” by Stephen Edelston Toulmin.


The result of the project will be a critically commented and scientifically prepared (i.e. containing a thorough scientific editorial study, including i.a. philological, bibliographic, historical, interpretative and analytical notes) translation into Polish of “The Uses of Argument”, which is one of the most important achievements of world literature, useful for representatives of various scientific disciplines.


The book will be published by the prestigious Cracovian publishing house Universitas.

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