On 10 January 2022, the European Commission granted funding for a research project entitled “Supporting and standardizing climate services in Europe and beyond”, which will be implemented by an international consortium of 31 entities.

The consortium leader is the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (Spain). Among the consortium members is the WSB University in Poznań, represented by a research-and-teaching employee of both that University and the Research Federation of WSB & DSW Universities dr hab. inż. Adam Jabłoński, prof. WSB. The WSB University in Poznań is the only Polish entity included in this international consortium.


The amount of funding allocated to the research project for the entire consortium was EUR 8,993,608. The amount awarded to the WSB University in Poznań is EUR 77,000. The duration of the project is 54 months.


The project aims to conduct research that will enable the creation and guarantee of high-quality climate services for all sectors of the economy and social areas. A taxonomy of climate services as well as good practices and guidelines will be proposed to achieve the highest possible standards where possible.

The project focuses on the implementation of three tasks:

  • developing standardization procedures for climate services,
  • increasing the use of assured, high-quality climate services to support climate change adaptation and mitigation,
  • supporting social responsibility for the improvement of the climate.

Dr hab. inż. Adam Jabłoński, prof. WSB, is an expert in the field of business management, in particular in rail transport. President of the Management Board of OTTIMA Plus Sp. z o. o., headquartered in Katowice. Vice-President of the Management Board of the Southern Railway Cluster. Leading auditor of quality, environmental and safety management systems. Advisor to Polish and foreign enterprises in the field of business models, strategies, business processes and projects.


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