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Fields of cooperation

The Academic Staff of the Universities – the units that participate in and are associated with the Research Federation of WSB & DSW – conduct research in the fields of social sciences, humanities as well as medical and health sciences.

The research results are published in journals of international and national reach while being applied in institutions of the social and economic environment, through jointly implemented projects, commissioned research services, expert opinions and opinions commissioned by private and public entities.

Thanks to the cooperation of scientists from various centres, the research carried out within the Federation is of the comprehensive and interdisciplinary character.

The staff of the participating and associated units of the Federation engage in cooperation with foreign universities, entrepreneurs, foundations, associations and local self-governments, meeting the important current social and economic challenges.

Research workers conduct innovative and pioneering research and projects that directly translate into the standard of living and the functioning of the economy both locally and internationally.

Research is being carried out in the following areas: