Declaration of Solidarity with the Ukrainian Nation

The President of Research Federation of WSB and DSW Universities and the University Rectors - participating and associated units in the Research Federation of WSB and DSW Universities express their solidarity with the entire Ukrainian Nation, which is in a difficult situation after the brutal attack by the Russian Federation.


We express our firm opposition to Russia's aggression. This attack violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent country, international agreements and the standards of the modern world.

We express our gratitude to all those who stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including in particular the citizens of Russia and Belarus who condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and protest against the war together with the whole world.


Due to this situation, we declare the immediate termination of cooperation with scientific institutions from the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

We undertake to suspend financing of scientific activities in entities with the participation of Russian and Belarusian capital.

  1. President of the Research Federation of WSB & DSW Universities
  2. Rector University of Lower Silesia
  3. Rector WSB University in Gdańsk
  4. Rector WSB University in Poznan
  5. Rector WSB University in Wroclaw
  6. Rector WSB University in Torun
  7. Rector WSB University in Warsaw


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