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About WSB and DSW Universities

The WSB Universities

The WSB Universities are the largest group of private universities in Poland.
The WSB Universities offer:

  • 1st degree courses,
  • 2nd degree courses,
  • long-cycle MA courses,
  • post-graduate courses,
  • MBA and Executive MBA courses,
  • additional training.

The WSB Universities offer many different courses and provide its students with practical knowledge and a diploma recognised in the EU and by employers. The first WSB University was established over 25 years ago. In this time it has undergone significant changes. According to the annual data of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, from a small local school it has grown into the most frequently chosen public university in Poland. Until now the brand has gained the trust of over 350,000 students and graduates.

The University of Lower Silesia

The DSW University is one of the most important academic centres in Wrocław and in the whole region of Lower Silesia. Each year it educates over 3,000 students.
From the very establishment of the University, its teachers have been implementing a visionary plan of creating a school which is free and democratic. The students eagerly take part in this process, actively shaping the academic community, pursuing their dreams and passions and developing their talents.

The University of Lower Silesia offers:

  • BA courses (1st degree),
  • MA courses (2nd degree),
  • long-cycle MA courses,
  • combined MA and post-graduate courses,
  • post-graduate courses.

The University of Lower Silesia has the power to confer the degree of doctor of social sciences and doctor of social communication and media studies, as well as doctor habilitatus of pedagogy.