Wrocław - explore the City of the Hundred Bridges

Wrocław is a meeting place. The city has a unique atmosphere advantageous for international and intercultural projects or events. It hosts plenty cyclical yearly events, such as the Brave Festival, Guinness Guitar Record, International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus and the New Horizons International Film Festival, Jazz on the Odra, Stage Songs Review, Night of Museums, Night of Laboratories or Wratislavia Cantans.

Wrocław is also one of Poland’s most important academic centers, which is why the list of cultural and entertainment events cannot lack Juwenalia organized by almost all universities within the city. Besides, it is the coordinator of numerous sports occasions and events, as well as an extremely sportspeople-friendly place; modern facilities, bicycle paths, bike and water equipment rentals, and outdoor gyms all contribute to turning time spent in Wrocław into pure pleasure.

What can you visit?

The mixture of cultures in Wrocław stems not only from its openness but above all from its rich history. Its heritage is the beautiful architecture of the Market Square and the Old Town, Ostrów Tumski or Centennial Hall, as well as many tenement houses in the city center and the Market Square.
Wrocław is also called the City of the Hundred  Bridges, and it is not an empty boast: we now have over 100 of them! The number of bridges is so impressive because there are 12 islands in Wrocław, each of them is developed. One that is especially popular among students is Słodowa Island, as the concerts and outdoor events often take place there.


In bad weather, you can direct interest towards Wrocław’s museums:

  • National Museum,
  • Municipal Museum,
  • Contemporary Museum (closest to the campus on Fabryczna Street),
  • Racławice Panorama (a famous rotunda),
  • or, Hydropolis, a unique museum of water, and many others.

During long and frequent walks around Wrocław, keep your eyes wide open and look out for the Wrocław dwarfs; visit all the parks, go to the evening presentation of the multimedia fountain at the Pergola, and visit the famous Wrocław ZOO as well as the inspirational oceanarium in Africarium.


More information about Wrocław can be found here: live-in-wroclaw.com/