Erasmus exchange is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, develop cross-cultural skills, practice foreign languages and gain new experience. In fact, those who spend a semester or two abroad  never come back the same. Their world views change, they are more open to new challenges and addicted to travelling. Also, since the levels of their self-confidence and courage increase, such students are ready to look for new adventures and possibilities.


In order to apply for the exchange planned on next academic year, students need to take part in recruitment process in current academic year, which always starts in March, during International Week.

Study abroad

Recruitment process consist of: 

  • Test which confirms foreign language proficiency
  • Interview
  • Grade average

The Erasmus scholarship is granted for one semester which student spends in the receiving institution.
Students going on Erasmus+ are exempted with paying the tuition fee for the semester they spend abroad. The receiving institution does not charge any fees for tuition.

Every applicant should also provide a declaration that clearly states he/ she has never gone on Erasmus before or how many months they have already spent. 


Every student selected to Erasmus exchange needs to sign an agreement with WSB that determines the rights and obligations of an outgoing student.


Erasmus Grant
Students going on Erasmus receive a grant for the time of their stay abroad. The Erasmus grant does not cover all living costs, but it balances the expense difference between Poland and the receiving country. The grant amount depends on the country the student wants to go to, and it is not known at the time of the recruitment.

According to the agreement, outgoing students get grant in three tranche. First tranche should be transferred before student’s leave, second one – in the middle of stay, and third one – after coming back and completing formalities.

Workplacements abroad

Thanks to Erasmus+ Programme WSB Universities students have the possibility of getting placements in companies and institutions in the EU countries. Placements take usually 2-3 months and are financially supported from the EU funds.
Placements abroad allow WSB students to broaden their knowledge with issues relating to functioning of particular companies from a developed market economy. They also give basis for verifying theoretical knowledge and foreign language skills.

WSB students can get their placements with the support of our intermediaries. It is also possible to organize the placement independently.


More information can be given in the Centre for International Cooperation at WSB.


 Agnieszka Lesiak

 International Coordinator (Incoming Students Advisor & Outgoing Students for the Internships) 

 e-mail: agnieszka.lesiak@wsb.wroclaw.pl

 tel. +48 71 356 16 16


Khrystyna Martsyniuk
International Coordinator (Outgoing students Advisor)
e-mail: khrystyna.martsyniuk@wsb.wroclaw.pl
tel. 71 356 16 16