If you want to study in Poland you should have a visa entitling you to enter the territory of Poland. You will obtain a visa in a Polish embassy in your country of residence. The visa is granted on the basis of the decision of admission into studies in Poland.


Visa application process


Sign up online for studies at WSB Merito University


Submit required documents. You can do it in person or create a candidate account on our website and file them online.


Pay an enrollment fee and then send us the proof of the payment.
You can pay an enrollment fee in the amount of 100euro ( no less than PLN 400).


You will receive a letter of admission or conditional letter of admission. after you have submitted the required documents, and have paid the enrollment fee.


Contact the Polish consulate in your country of residence and arrange an appointment about the visa application. The list of Polish consulates can be found on the webpage


Registering your residence

Notice: after registering your stay, please do not forget to inform our office about it.

After arriving in Poland, you are required to legalize your stay on our territory (temporary residence permit and residence card). For this purpose, please visit the appropriate provincial office

Additional information can be found at:


Register your temporary place of residence

Additionally you should register your temporary place of residence on the territory of Poland

  • If you are staying in a dormitory you should collect an appropriate document from the dormitory’s administration and then fill it out and submit it to the Voivodship Office. Remember to take your passport with you
  • If you are staying in a rented apartment you should conclude a tenancy agreement of the apartment or you should fill out a special form with the landlord’s agreement for you to have temporary residence there.