WSB Merito University authorities, students and graduates

Our University is, above all, made up of people who work or study here. It is their enthusiasm, energy and dedication that get things going and make everyone enjoy being here. Whether you are a student, a member of faculty or administrative personnel, be sure that the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly attitudes all around you will help you spread your wings and learn to fly. 


Dean, Vice Deans, and Vice Chancellor. Mostly too busy, they seem to have seven hectic days per week, but when you bump into them in a hallway or passage, they keep smiling and are always willing to help. They are the ones who make sure that the University works fine at all times, wins top places in prestigious contests and rankings, and fosters excellent relationships with employers. They approve study programs and make decisions on key investments. They must be present at each important ceremony.

“The WSB Merito University is, in the first place, composed of those who work and study here. Their energy and engagement stand for opportunities to realize needs and potentials. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or an officer, the University’s friendly and inspiring environment will help you spread your wings and learn to fly.”

Ms Anna Hołubowska

Vice Chancellor of WSB Merito University in Szczecin


They are partners, counsels, and mentors. Some of them will be remembered for a lifetime, because they have become true life coaches, guiding students’ careers and influencing personal development paths. Helpful and outgoing, but often firm and demanding, too. They can see that it is not just about exam success rates, they realize that what really counts is the students’ understanding of what they are doing, what they are learning and how this learning can work for them in their lives and in their jobs. Far from arrogant, they keep their minds open to what their students can tell them about the latest trends and innovative solutions. 

“What is it like to study at the WSB Merito University? Surely enough, you will develop the requisite skills and competencies for the workplace. Instruction in most programs is multidimensional and interdisciplinary. We do not just teach you from textbooks. We use case studies and workshop techniques in the classroom, because we want you to learn by doing, so your learning is applicable and practically relevant. In many of your classes you will interact with industry experts and representatives of the local business community.” 

prof. dr hab. Stanisław Flejterski

academic teacher


They are thousands of people from across Poland. Enterprising, high-flying, ambitious individuals. With diverse visions of their future lives, they have traveled their life-forming educational paths with us. It is here, at the WSB Merito University, that their life goals evolved, their outlooks matured, and their professional careers were forged. Now they keep coming back to revive their memories and tell us their stories. Some of them join our faculty to share their expertise and experience with new generations of students. We are so proud of all of them! 

“I’m an ambitious person, and I’m very persistent in pursuing my goals. My best WSB Merito memories are associated with people and the great time we had studying and partying together. The two years at university were marked with frequent changes and, in the first place, brought an understanding of what I really wanted to do. Now I run my own business, which has always been a dream of mine. My work is my passion that I cherish and foster every day. Another hobby of mine is travel. I just love exploring new places. My next destination is Mexico, a country that seems so exciting and a bit of a mystery to me. I believe we should all have dreams and we should keep setting ourselves new objectives in life.”

Ms Katarzyna Starachowska

WSB Merito graduate


This is the largest and most diverse group. It is them that get the authorities and the faculty going. They make the campus a colorful and noisy place. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and each of them embodies an interesting story and a potential to discover, each is a unique individual and someone to learn from. It is for them, or thanks to them, that the faculty keep working on new solutions to problems, inventing new approaches to instruction, writing books, and hoarding experiences to share. It is the students’ involvement, their success and failure stories, and their passions, that energize the University’s walls and contribute to the making of its remarkable ambience. 

“I took out the part-time option that can be easily combined with full-time employment. Unlike most people, I think people graduating from part-time programs are better educated than those who did nothing but study for a couple of years. This is because they acquire work experience and have to pass a practical time management test throughout their years at university. My reasons for choosing the WSB Merito University? I liked its interesting attractive program offerings and its close links with industry that allow students to do practical placements with partner businesses. Many lecturers have hands-on business experience and they share it with us rather than just teach us booklore. I’m convinced that the program will make me perfectly prepared for a professional career.” 

Ms Justyna Iwanowska

WSB Merito student