New name, new opportunities

It's time to celebrate another success! As a result of the evaluation of academic performance and high ratings in 8 disciplines, we have met the requirements of the law to use the word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name and we changed our English name to WSB Merito University. 

What does it mean to be granted the right to use the word “uniwersytet”? 

The change of name and category is another step in the development of our university, and expresses our broad, universal profile of education and academic activity. Our values haven't changed, practical education and friendliness are still of paramount importance to us.    

New name

With the change, we gain new opportunities!

  • We can develop a broader educational offer that will address the needs of candidates, current students and the labour market even more effectively. 
  • The diploma our students receive will contain the Polish word “Uniwersytet” (university) rather than “uczelnia” (higher education institution), which will have a positive impact on the graduate's standing on the labour market. 
  • We can run nationwide and international interdisciplinary research projects on a larger scale. 
  • We have obtained the right to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in 8 academic disciplines. 

Why Merito?

  • We have changed our name because for a long time now we have been offering much more than just banking-related programmes.  
  • Merito refers in meaning to the Polish word “meritum” – essence . The pursuit of the essence and effective performance that have always been our distinctive feature.