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My name is Joanna Ziomek, I am a senior lecturer at WSB University in Poznań and Poznań University of Technology. My courses are in the field of Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Creativity. I highly recommend you take part in these courses because here you can get to know what characteristics you should have to be a good entrepreneur!


"The course will provide you with knowledge of what you should be doing to become creative and come up with the idea to start your business."

Creativity. Course description

Successful entrepreneurs are the perfect amalgamation of creativity and business. Creativity in business is a way of thinking that inspires, challenges, and helps people to find innovative solutions and turn problems into opportunities. It is a source of inspiration.


Creativity Content

  • Creativity in a business context
  • Creative strategies in action 
  • From insights to innovation opportunities
  • Identifying an innovation context 
  • The Neuroscience of Creativity
  • Creativity training
  • Identifying concrete areas to apply Design Thinking for Business.

Learning outcomes. Completing the course allows students to:

explain the nature and role of creativity in management
use modern tools, techniques and methods of creativity
create new ideas and improve the existing ones; plan and organize the implementation of creative and innovative ideas within the company
apply modern tools and methods of creativity in running a business

Entrepreneurial Mindsets: Course description

An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that enable people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. Research shows that an entrepreneurial mindset is valued by employers, boosts educational attainment and performance, and is crucial for creating new businesses.


Entrepreneurial Mindsets Content

  • A mindset as a cognitive belief system consisting of interrelated beliefs
  • Entrepreneur competence model 
  • Entrepreneurial personality 
  • The business process
  • Specialist thinking style (entrepreneurial thinking style)
  • Entrepreneur coaching 
  • Successful entrepreneurship 

Learning outcomes. Completing the course allows students to:

know how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
learn how to act like an entrepreneur, build the right habits, and learn some business hacks to fearlessly create a business
apply business tools for entrepreneurs
know how to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur
know how a red ocean turns blue (blue ocean strategy)
believe in their ability to succeed and influence their own outcomes, empowering them to take ownership of their lives
have compelling goals that keep them future-focused and intrinsically motivated
have a humanistic outlook

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