WSB Universities in the eyes of international students

Why is it worth studying at WSB? What does studies look like in an international atmosphere? Gedion, who came to Poland from as far as Ethiopia, will tell you about his experience.

Let's meet Daniil from Ukraine and Sheilah from Kenya. They study at WSB University in Poznań. They are talking about studying process and plans for the future.

Ayimkan from Kyrgyzstan and Kidist from Ethiopia started stydying in Katowice in 2019. They are full of enthusiasm for work and optimism. After studies they want to help people in their countries.

Students from WSB in Toruń: Anitha from Rwanda is already thinking about starting her own business. Eyob from Ethiopia is a fun of nature. They differ from each other, but they have common goals.

WSB Ambassadors

WSB University in Poznań launched WSB University Student Ambassadors Program. 

What's going on in this Program?

Student Ambassadors are a group of International Students from all around the world.

We can explain to you how to become a WSB student.
We can encourage you to become one of us! 

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