Time to study, time to work, time to live

Our degree programs are addressed, in the first place, to those who want to work and study. Even in full-time programs classes are scheduled on just 3-4 days in a week, and we produce tight schedules keeping gaps at a minimum. Most of our international students, too, easily combine their WSB Merito degree programs with jobs.

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Applicable learning

Your learning can be immediately applied in the workplace. We watch job market developments and design our programs in partnership with knowledgeable industry experts. We rely on their insights into what prerequisites will enable our graduates to apply for their dream jobs. We do a lot of teaching through workshops, and we make heavy use of case studies that face students with real problems encountered by businesses. This makes sure they develop skills and earn qualifications that their prospective employers seek.

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Read about Poland and WSB Merito University in our guide - available for download here


This guide will help you start your student life. We believe that lectures and classes are like journeys to unknown lands. Our lecturers are of the opinion that there are no wrong paths, no silly questions or bad ideas, as long they lead to knowing and experiencing. They are eager to assists you and support you in exploring new issues and new areas, no matter how difficult and complicated they might be.

Choosing our University, you will:

  • find it easy to combine work with study, because our curriculum is tailored to the requirements of those in employment
  • be taught by accomplished academics and successful entrepreneurs/professionals
  • develop relevant skills and learn about the latest theoretical concepts because our study programs are regularly consulted with industry leaders to make sure they closely meet employers’ requirements
  • study in state-of-the-art classrooms and in dedicated labs with specialized software products
  • be able to stay in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Extranet
  • have permanent access to online learning resources through the Moodle platform
  • improve your language skills studying both in class and online via a virtual learning environment
  • enjoy the services of our friendly staff who will help you quickly deal with any paperwork that university experience involves
  • acquire valuable work experience through internships, practical placements and training seminars organized by our Careers Offices

WSB Merito Universities in figures

325 000 graduates over a quarter of a century
more than 75 million euro raised in EU funding
170 partner universities across Europe, Asia, and the USA
75 accredited degree programs at Bachelor and Master levels
370 postgraduate education products

Key to your professional career

Applicable skills and work experience are increasingly valued by employers. As a WSB Merito student, you will be able to use the professional assistance of our Careers Offices and enhance your résumé by upskilling and obtaining additional qualifications.


You can count on our continued support throughout your study period and well into your career. We create development opportunities to help you gain work experience and make a successful job market entry, putting you on the fast track to professional achievement. We are committed to fostering close links with employers to maximize your chances of success. We make sure that our job openings are advertised in major national HR websites, such as e.g. pracuj.pl.