How to sign up for a degree program


Choose the program of your preference, go to the online enrolment section and choose the option Apply online (available also in the upper right corner).


Make sure you choose a field and form of study most suitable for you. We have indicated the courses available in English with the British flag. Remember that you can get a visa only if you are a full-time student.


If you want to amend your study enrollment form, do not fill out the form again. All you have to do is contact the Admission Offices.


Create an Applicant's Account where you will find all the necessary directions on successfully completing the recruitment process for your chosen field of study. You will also find a list of all the necessary documents that must be provided to meet the recruitment requirements and become a WSB Merito University student.

If you are one of our students and/or alumni, you can skip the process of setting up the account and use your Extranet login and password. Some of the form fields will be completed automatically with previously provided data from the system.


After creating an account and completing the recruitment form, you have 14 days to complete, deliver and sign the necessary documents. Only thanks to the Candidate Account can you do all this without leaving your home online!


You don’t have all the documents yet, but you want to be admitted to studies and apply for a visa? No worries! Just create an account, fill in the form and provide us with the documents you already have. Then arrange the details of how to proceed with the Admission Offices.


After checking that we have all the necessary documents, we will inform you about your studies’ admission.

If we notice that we are missing something, we will keep you informed.


That’s it! Welcome to WSB Merito University !


You can now:

  • check the details of how things are done when you are a WSB Merito student, and to see what student organizations you will be able to join,
  • read the START brochure about what and where you can do upon arrival to Poland.


Before the beginning of the new academic year, you will be given the access to the Extranet where you can

  • look up the schedule for your first classes,
  • find out when the inauguration ceremony will be held.


Admission guidelines - FAQ

Do you feel you need some assistance when singing up for our programmes?

Read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions that you can download from this link.