On behalf of professor Krzysztof Łobos, we would like to encourage you to familiarize yourself with his latest publication entitled Koncepcje zarządzania, which may prove useful in the educational process. In addition to the theory of shaping the management process of science organizations, the textbook also includes practical examples of management along with a synthesis of the solutions described in the literature.

“The book describes 55 key management concepts that have had the greatest impact on the current shape of management science.

Each concept is presented in a unified form and its description includes: place within the management trends, characteristics of basic ideas, practical significance and references to literature.

The book is dedicated to both academics and a wide group of students of management and related fields”

- dr hab. Krzysztof Łobos, prof. WSB.

Dr hab. Krzysztof Łobos, prof. WSB in Wrocław, obtained a doctorate and habilitation in economic sciences, in the scientific discipline of management sciences. His scientific interests include determinants of the success of SMEs as well as modern ideas and concepts of management. Member of the Polish Statistical Society. In scientific research, he prefers a quantitative approach. He cooperates with entrepreneurs and the Statistical Office in Wrocław. His research interests focus on contemporary ideas and concepts of management, especially those related to postmodernism and critical management theory. He is passionate about geology and mineralogy. He graduated in geology from the University of Wrocław.

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