On 3 November, the results of the Roman Czernecki competition were announced, awarding scientists, practitioners and journalists for their activities and papers in the field of education. This was the 4th edition of the competition, for which 277 works were submitted, out of which the jury nominated 27 authors. In the Scientific Paper category, one of the four laureates was dr hab. Sławomir Krzychała, prof. DSW, employee of the Research Federation of WSB & DSW Universities and the University of Lower Silesia in Wrocław, for the publication entitled

“Teacher Responses to New Pedagogical Practices: A Praxeological Model for the Study of Teacher-Driven School Development”

(American Educational Research Journal).

In his paper, dr hab. Sławomir Krzychała, prof. DSW, presents the qualitative research carried out in 2015–2016 in 12 schools participating in the innovative tutoring program in Wrocław. The paper presents 12 group discussions and 52 individual interviews with their interpretations, using the Mannheim documentary method. Thanks to the dialogical approach, it was possible to create a typology of new patterns of professional orientation and to use the theoretical model for the sociogenetic analysis of the education development process.


More information can be found on the website of the Roman Czernecki Foundation for Education.

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