Dr hab. Krzysztof Safin, prof. WSB, a research-and-teaching employee of the WSB University in Wrocław, received funding in the Beethoven Classic 4 competition organized by the National Science Centre and the German agency Deutsche Forschungshemeinschaft. The ranking lists published on 18 October 2021 present 15 Polish–German research projects that qualified for funding.

The research project of professor Krzysztof Safin is entitled

“Business models of family enterprises: Family as a strategic resource at various stages of the development of a family enterprise and in various economic conditions. Polish–German comparative studies”.


The project refers to the specificity of the functioning of family businesses. The case studies of six family businesses will be aimed at identifying patterns, similarities and differences resulting from the specificity of the given enterprise.


The amount obtained for the project is PLN 598,364.


The Beethoven Classic 4 competition is based on the substantive evaluation of the applications of Polish–German research projects. In total, 67 applications in the fields of humanities, social sciences and art sciences were accepted for the competition. The total amount of funds obtained in the Beethoven Classic 4 competition was PLN 10.2 million.


The remaining projects qualified for funding can be found on the NCN website.

Dr hab. Krzysztof Safin, prof. WSB, is an expert in the field of SMEs, with particular emphasis on running family businesses as well as economic activation and entrepreneurship of young people. Professor Safin is the author of numerous publications and expert comments related to the above-mentioned topics. He is the head of the Family Business Centre at the WSB University in Wrocław, as well as the initiator and organizer of the Lower Silesian Family Business Congress in Wrocław.

More information about his scientific achievements can be found on the WSB Experts website.

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