Scientific research

Research employees of the member universities of the Federation conduct research mainly in the area of social science, humanities, engineering and technology. 

Scientific research

Research employees of the member universities of the Federation conduct research mainly in the area of social science, humanities, engineering and technology. The results of their research are published in national and international journals. They also find application in social and economic institutions, i.a. through expert opinions provided at the request of private and public entities. Thanks to the cooperation of scholars from different centres, the research conducted within the Federation is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. Moreover, the research employees of the Federation are appointed as experts to interpret social and economic events and cooperate with the media as opinion-formers.


The main disciplines of scientific interest to the Federation include management and quality studies, pedagogy, economics and finance, linguistics, physical culture science, legal studies, security studies, psychology, social communication and media studies, as well as information technology and telecommunication.


Key research within the discipline of management and quality studies is conducted in the area of strategic management as well as human resource, technology, production processes, marketing, quality, projects and knowledge management. The main research areas of interest to researchers of management and quality studies are:

  • company management, i.a. process management, production management, models of organisational structure, company organisation, quality management, business models
  • industry management, i.a. in transport, tourism, hotel industry, service industry, commerce
  • broadly-understood marketing, i.a. marketing communication, marketing research, service marketing, experience marketing, branding
  • security management, i.a. military security and problems, marine security, mass event security
  • logistics and transport, i.a. logistics and transport system management, logistics optimisation, quality management, shipment and logistics in the economy, marine logistics, supply chain management
  • other, i.a. sustainable development, cost optimisation, controlling, IT project management, emotional work

The main research areas of interest to researchers of economics and finance are:

  • economic policy
  • functioning and development of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • international finance
  • public finance (local government finance, economic policy)
  • spatial economy and environmental economy
  • corporate finance, financial reporting, financial analysis, financial risk management, corporate funding
  • banking (credit security networks, community banking, central banking)
  • behavioural finance
  • macroeconomics (monetary policy, economic investment theory, labour market)
  • financial markets (capital market, investment consulting, financial instrument analysis)
  • alternative investment

The main research areas of interest to researchers of pedagogy are:

  • pre-school, early-school and school education
  • sociolinguistics, bilinguality, learning
  • volunteering and informal care
  • family carers and social support
  • development problems of children and youth
  • resocialisation, social exclusion, social inequality analysis
  • philosophy of childrearing
  • school coaching and tutoring, pedagogical therapy
  • teacher and his professional development
  • counselling studies and professional counselling
  • andragogy
  • adult education, adult learning theories
  • methodology of educational research
  • political philosophy, social philosophy, discourse theory

The research interests of our scholars also cover IT systems and IT innovations. They are also active in the area of psychology and social communication and media studies, conducting research into the activation of convicts, the problems faced by emigrants and the psychological consequences of working in difficult conditions.

Moreover, in cooperation with educational centres, they are developing new therapies for the disabled – both children and adults. All these issues are simultaneously studied from the point of view of other disciplines. Our scholars analyse the legal aspects of corporate management and economics as well as international legal problems in the public and private spheres. Researchers from the discipline of security studies take up the issues of mass events, data and network security and corporate security. They also conduct research into the field of tourism and recreation as well as international relations.