Student organizations are where you should look for opportunities to make your mark on the world. Are you out for invaluable experiences? Would you like to get involved in voluntary work and big projects? Some of these could be as large as life and will look great in your CV. If you wish to spur your personal development in the company of peers – check out our student science societies, get in touch with the students’ union, or make contact with other student organizations that may exist at your WSB Merito University.

Student Council

Student Council


The Student Council includes students from various faculties and study levels, elected in an annual election. In total, the Student Council is composed of 7 people.


The president of the Council is Milena Jędraszak, a student of logistics.


The Council members are involved in the current functioning of the university. They supervise the work of the starosts of the seminar groups. The purpose of the council's activity is also to represent the University at conventions, conferences and symposia.

Where to develop your passions?

Student organizations, including the Student Council, provide an opportunity to become a part of interesting projects during your time in University. There are scientific circles, thanks to which you can develop your interests and meet amazing people.

As a student of WSB Merito, you can join to:

  • Engineering Scientofic Circle "Gustaw"
  • Scientific Circle of Pedagogy
  • Scientific Circle International WSB Merito
  • Scientific Entrepreneurial Circle
  • Scientific Circle "Overglob"
  • University Club "Future Finance"

Academic Sports Association

The Academic Sports Association of the WSB Merito University in Chorzów was created on January 22, 2002.
All functions on the Association board are performed by students.

The basic tasks of the AZS University Club include:

  • organizing the University's sports life,
  • participating in events, sports competitions,
  • training in sport sections.

Currently, three sports sections operate permanently in the University Sports Association:

  • volleyball (women),
  • volleyball (men),
  • football (men).

President: Iveta Gałka
Vice President: Krzysztof Cieślak
Secretary: Natalia Wencel
Board members: Kamila Gałka, Piotr Gulka