Time for development

Changing the category opens up new opportunities for us!

  • The high ratings we received in as many as 8 disciplines from 3 fields entitled us to change our category and use the word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name. 
  • We have obtained the rights to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. 
  • We can develop a broader educational offer that will address the needs of candidates, current students and the labour market even more effectively. 
New name
  • The diploma our students receive will contain the Polish word “Uniwersytet” (university) rather than “uczelnia” (higher education institution), which will have a positive impact on the graduate's standing on the labour market.
  • We can run nationwide and international interdisciplinary research projects on a larger scale.
New name

How have we been changing?

Our first WSB university was founded in 1993 in Poznan. Today, you can find us in as many as 11 cities in Poland. Our presence in many regions allows us, for example, to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by networking and sharing experience.