The WSB Merito University in Opole is part of the WSB Merito University in Wrocław, which means you can study on the Opole campus while earning a degree from the prestigious Wrocław-based institution of higher learning. The WSB University in Wrocław was established over 20 years ago, and its Opole campus is more than 11 years old. Our history began in 2007 with the launch of our premier courses in economics. 

Over the years, we have been working hard and continued to expand and refine our range of educational products. We have grown strong and are today seen among the country’s top private institutions of higher learning, with lots of distinctions, accreditations and certificates that others do not get. We deliver all kinds of degree programs, a rich variety of training courses, and even MBA programs. Our greatest pride are, however, the thousands of alumni who are doing so well in the tough job market.


As a provider of quality business education, we make every effort to enable you to:

  • blend knowledge from different domains and apply it in the workplace
  • select a degree program that will provide you with relevant and immediately applicable skills, e.g. in running a business of your own 
  • meet field experts – because we strongly promote networking and experience sharing among students and teachers
  • interact with accomplished representatives of the business community, including the city’s and region’s leading companies; their involvement in classroom teaching stands for direct transfer of know-how and compelling case studies
  • use the support of our Careers Office (link do BR) in finding a job, taking a professional training course, and arranging a domestic or international work placement or internship
  • develop and upgrade your skill level in such areas as career planning, critical thinking, creative thinking, interpersonal communication, data analysis, project coordination, etc. 
  • influence our study programs and the organization of our administrative services, because we do want to hear what you think of us: we regularly survey our students’ satisfaction and keep track of alumni careers 

Innovative, friendly, and practice-focused

Our mission is to “help change your world by being innovative, friendly, and practice-focused”. To make it happen, we employ the latest teaching methodology: 

  • each of our degree programs is run under the auspices of an Employer Council – an advisory body bringing together companies and institutions operating in a given industry (e.g. logistics sector), whose insights into job market developments help us forecast trends and respond instantly by updating our curricula
  • we are strongly committed to teaching applicable skills and using innovative instructional methodology; for example, we have taken care that major courses in such programs as Logistics or Informatics are held in specialized laboratories using the same software that is used in real enterprises
  • our teaching is supported by so-called course manuals – easily accessible collections of student resources that provide a benchmark for course content, timing, and attainment
  • there are no end-of-term exams – we do give you tests and exams, but they are scheduled over the whole semester rather than piled up at the end of it; this means you can pace your learning more reasonably, in smaller and more manageable chunks rather than in leaps and bounds 
  • in a majority of courses, learning outcomes are assessed through individual and joint projects and varied forms of group work to help you build up your social competencies
  • many of our courses are taught through business simulations that confront students with real-life business problems to solve
  • a single-assessment system means that there is one common credit for a course that has a lecture and a class component, so you do not need to earn credit once for the lecture and again for the class; instead, course credit is based on all assessments earned throughout the course 
  • we work at your convenience – our key service departments, such as the Registrar’s, the Library, the Careers Office, or the Financial Services are open on weekdays as well as on weekends, so both full-time and part-time students can visit at their preferred time

Choosing our University, you will:

find it easy to combine work with study, because our curriculum organization is tailored to the requirements of those in employment
decide when and how you want to pay tuition, owing to our flexible payment schemes
improve your language skills studying both in class and online via a virtual learning environment
be able to stay in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Extranet
appreciate the efficient and friendly services of our Admissions or Registrar’s offices