Good education, time of your life, best memories

The years at university are a very special time. An unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Time to learn, time to have the time of your life. Time to establish your independence and take on your first responsibilities. It is when in higher education that you spread your wings and learn to fly, making your first conscious efforts to develop your personality. At WSB Merito Universities, you will find it easier to do than anywhere else, so you will be able focus on what really matters. 

At every WSB Merito University you will:

  • be able to use free Wi-Fi connectivity
  • spend your breaks chilling out in comfortable rest areas arranged on-campus 
  • find lots of vending machines with snacks and coffee alongside a cafeteria serving delicious hot meals at affordable prices
  • have your precious lecture notes photocopied or digitalized on University premises 


Our university has lots to offer and is known to give support to the craziest of ideas, as long as they have been brought to us by students. Our students are hyperactive individuals engaging in dozens of exciting extracurricular initiatives including sports, social events, study trips, training workshops, science societies, international work placements, language courses, and many more. 

Stay tuned – watch our website and Extranet for breaking news, so you don’t miss out on anything fun or crazy!

See what we have in store for you:

Extranet is an online system for student services and communication. Just log in and look up your class schedule, your grades and credits, the status of your applications and payments, as well as e.g. course syllabi or information on work placements and scholarships available. Extranet will also provide you with up-to-date information on your registrar's office hours or the address details and opening hours of all departments.
The online learning platform called Moodle is where we upload essential resources that you will need in class as well as a lot of extra material that you can use to boost your learning at your convenience. They are always there for you, so you can access them at any time and wherever you are.
The Digital Library is a place where you have an online access to scientific resources such as textbooks, case studies, or videos with experts such as Natalia Hatalska or Dorota Zawadzka as well as other didactic and educational materials of WSB Merito Universities and the University of Lower Silesia.
The registrar's office is a place of strategic importance to any student. After all, it is here that you pick up your Student ID Card and it is here, too, where your student records (that is, grades and credits) are kept.
Do you like to be in the know? Do you want to stay on track with student life activities at all times? Follow what your teachers and fellow-students are up to? Send birthday wishes to your favorite security guard? Read articles on current issues? Watch a stream from the graduation ceremony?
We are here:
If you are dreaming of university study in another country, have a good command of a foreign language, and are fond of traveling – we will be pleased to meet you! Come to the International Relations Office, and we are sure to come up with an offer that perfectly matches your needs and expectations.
Student organizations are where you should look for opportunities to make your mark on the world. Are you out for invaluable experiences? Would you like to get involved in voluntary work and big projects? Some of these could be as large as life and will look great in your CV. Check out our student science societies, get in touch with the students’ union, or make contact with other student organizations at your WSB Merito University.