Your learning:

  • Business English proficiency
  • drawing up documents, keeping records, and handling business correspondence in English
  • having effective business talks with foreign partners
  • professional vocabulary in such fields as finance, management, and marketing
  • awareness of the implications of intercultural differences in conducting and interpreting international negotiations
Practice-focused curriculum
Partnerships with major companies
Interdisciplinary study experience
Opportunity to obtain the IPMA-Student certificate

Jobs for you:

Polish firms operating in international markets
international consultancies
support staff for executive boards of global companies
Polish divisions of multinational corporations
international relations officer
specialist in foreign trade departments of Polish and international companies

Key program features

  • Project Team Management
  • Change Management
  • International Finance
  • Business plan
Show component courses

What else you should know:

  • IACBE-accredited curriculum.
  • The curriculum is designed to train students for IPMA-Student certification. The IPMA exam may be taken up to one year following the degree award by all students and graduates who successfully completed the IPMA-accredited component courses. The certification exam fee is PLN 300 only – 25% below the cost of the IPMA-D certificate (the lowest level in the IPMA 4-L-C certification system).
  • Seamless combination of business studies with language learning that enables you to continue study at foreign institutions of higher education.
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