Your learning:

  • Know-how on the management of transport-forwarding-logistics processes in a globalized industry. (Sounds scary? Come and try it out with us!)
  • An ability to assess the competitive capacity of logistics infrastructure in an international environment, and to project and adjust its development
  • Analysis of logistics and shipping processes, and design of logistics services

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  • Organizational and operational properties of an international supply base/center/depot, warehouse procedures, and inventory management
  • Management of information flows and organization of transport services
  • Fleet management and organization of international forwarding services
Industry-aligned expertise, soft skills and language proficiency development
Study in state-of-the-art logistics labs with high-end hardware
Adept use of specialized SAP software acknowledged by a relevant certificate
Free training opportunities co-funded by the European Union
Study visits to the region’s major logistics companies

Jobs for you:

• international transport companies • logistics departments of trading and service businesses
• manufacturing enterprises • international retail chains
•international distribution networks •logistics centers/depots
• courier service firms •manager of domestic and international shipping divisions
•manager of logistics projects • logistics operations manager in international companies
• manager/officer for exports, customs and duties, planning, etc.

Key program features

Program partners

We work with many companies, thanks to which we adjust the curriculum to the requirements of the specific industries.

What else you should know:

1. An internationally approved curriculum – as acknowledged by IACBE accreditation.

2. Courses are taught by a unique faculty of accomplished scholars and expert professionals with rich hands-on experience. Classes are held in state-of-the-art computer labs furnished with latest software – same as that used in real businesses. 

3. As a student in this program, you will be able to learn to use a variety of business software. Here is just one example:

SAP is a global standard in enterprise resource planning software whose modular architecture enables it to cater to the needs of each and every business. Its component applications are each geared to support a different aspect of business operations. As part of your course, you can take practical exams in specific SAP modules and apply for relevant certification.


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