Your learning:

  • Familiarity with project management standards and their practical applications
  • Ability to use a variety of techniques within the project management process (project definition, scheduling, budgeting, and control)
  • An array of skills related to project planning and design, including cost management and optimization, risk management, and quality management
  • Design of information systems for management and control of manufacturing operations in an international context
  • Effective deployment of IT tools dedicated to project management
  • Negotiating and image management skills alongside a range of other soft skills that are key to effective project team management
  •  IACBE-accredited curriculum
IACBE-approved curriculum
dual program
Microsoft Dynamics platform
The Business Practice Forum

Jobs for you:

trade businesses and service businesses with international links
public relations and international relations departments of local government offices
foreign trade departments
international marketing operations
multinational corporations

What else should you know?

This course of study has been internationally accredited by IACBE.

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