Your learning:

  • Ability to handle business correspondence and conduct business talks in English
  • Acquaintance with the diversity of negotiating styles across cultures
  • Performing economic analyses for companies operating in an international environment
  • Understanding a variety of issues inherent in the management of international business operations and foreign trade transactions
  • Management of currency risk
  • Planning and implementing marketing strategies in an international context

The enrolment for this course of study has been temporarily suspended.

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Studying this specialisation is a combination of business and language study. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding English financial and accounting terms, and applying this knowledge to the financial services of global companies. You will be prepared to take on professional challenges on your own through exercises and conservatoires, which make up more than 50% of the course of study.

IACBE-accredited curriculum
Course content consulted with employers
Classes led by industry experts and practitioners

Jobs for you:

in international businesses
in firms conducting foreign trade operations
in public sector institutions and agencies providing services to international businesses
in Polish divisions of multinational corporations
in companies attempting to establish a presence in international markets

Program partners

We work with many companies, thanks to which we adjust the curriculum to the requirements of the specific industries.

What else you should know:

1. Instruction is delivered in the English language, so you learn professional competencies while at the same time upgrading your English proficiency.

2. To make sure your career prospects look up, we give you plenty of opportunities to study abroad and do internships or work placements in other countries. You can even complete your degree program at a foreign institution of higher education.

3. An internationally approved curriculum as acknowledged by IACBE accreditation.

4. The curriculum seamlessly combines business studies with language learning. A number of classes are taught by native speakers and professors from foreign partner universities.

5. Our Business Partner for this major/specialization is Arla Global Financial Services Centre sp. z o.o.

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