What do you gain by studying Management at WSB Merito University?

  • You will take part in study visits for students in well-known organizations.
  •  You will be able to obtain additional business certificates: ECDL (including ECDL Project Management), IPMA Student, a certificate in the organization of in-house rescue systems and first aid for functionaries in the company, TransEdu and ELSE.Edu.
  •  You will carry out the classes using dedicated software (including GRETL, Sage Symfonia HR and Payroll , a decision-making / managerial game).
  • You will use the Yes4Yeti program, founded on building opportunities to gain business experience by participating in a series of workshops in various areas of the company’s activity, conducted by CPP Toruń  Pacific experts.
  • You will be able to become an active member of the Manager  Student Academic Club.
  • You will be able to participate in international student exchange programs (Erasmus).
  • Polish Accreditation Committee has awarded Management major with distinctions in several categories, including cooperation with the social, economic, or cultural environment in the educational process.

What will you learn during your studies?

Recognizing, diagnosing, and solving problems of managing human, material, and financial resources.
Employing marketing instruments and devices.
Make the right decisions about the organization’s activities.
Creating a brand of a product and a company.
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