Why study Marketing and Sales at WSB Merito University?

  • The program has been developed in collaboration with experts who on a regular basis deal with a company’s business operations in the area of marketing, innovative business strategies, and modern communication with the market.
  • During classes, you will learn how to use modern marketing tools – programs that monitor online activities, sales and customer relationship management systems, ad managers, graphic creation programs, online press offices, and more.
  • During numerous open lectures, guest speaker meetings, webinars or free additional training sessions, you will meet many renowned experts in the domain of marketing and sales.
  • Together with your discussion group, you will take part in numerous strategy games and simulations of market situations. As part of the workshops, you’ll plan to launch new products and style creative advertising campaigns.
  • The University provides professional marketing tools, student-friendly mode of content delivery, and meetings with renowned professionals

Your career opportunities:

  • Director of marketing
  • Marketing specialist
  • SEM/SEO specialist
  • Internet marketing specialist
  • Internet analyst

What are you going to learn?

You will learn to plan advertising campaigns
Youwill learn how to navigate a customer towards brands online and offline.
You will learn how to use modern marketing tools such as Google Analytics
You learn how to build a brand image and how to build relations on social media
You will learn how to design Internet services oriented on a customer.
You will master Internet activities analytics

Key program features

Information about study programme

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Everyone of us tries to understand the world around us as regards its technological dynamics and rapid changes in human behavior. It isn’t an easy task. Once you get used to a certain technology  a new one arrives all of a sudden. And if we want to be good marketing specialists we have to understand this reality. What is essential is not only modern technology but also the very foundations of this discipline: marketing strategy, good communication with customers or market research. Marketing of a new era should be built on the solid foundations of knowledge. Our program will provide this knowledge. We will also equip you with practical digital marketing tools


 – Bogumiła Urban, Program Manager of Marketing and Sales


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