What are you going to learn?

  • You will learn how to design and optimize logistics processes.
  • You will learn how to distribute goods.
  • You will be able to manage your transport fleet.
  • You will learn the principles of logistics centers.
  • You will master the ability to organize distribution structures and sales management.
  • You will be able to use IT in distribution and commercial processes.
  • You will learn to manage your warehouse and inventory in a logistic way.

Career opportunities

Domestic and international forwarder
Specialist in the purchase of logistic services
Export and import specialist
Distribution planning analyst
Transport dispatcher
Sales specialist
Specialist in the field of merchandise safety.

Key program features

Program description:

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Program partners

We work with many companies, thanks to which we adjust the curriculum to the requirements of the specific industries.


"As a kid I had a dream to become a fire fighter. In junior high school I joined Voluntary Fire Brigade whose member I am still today. My first serious rescue job took place in 2009. We rescued people from houses inflicted by the floods. I wasn’t prepared either physically or mentally for this extreme situation. Once the mission was accomplished I felt happy because I was able to help somebody. Additionally I felt satisfaction with the fact that I had won the fight not only with this natural disaster but also with myself and my weaknesses."


Patryk Romaldowski
2 year master’s degree student

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