Why study Business English with Spanish at WSB Merito?

English with Spanish
  • You will level up your English language skills to C1 (CEFR) or beyond.
  • You will obtain an insight into the mechanisms that govern modern businesses and market economies.
  • You will get ready for a career in a multicultural and multinational environment.
  • You will learn to use a variety of specialized business vocabulary.
  • You will be knowledgeable about the culture of English-speaking countries.
  • Our focus on practical learning and soft skills that are sought by employers worldwide will put you at an advantageous position in the job market.
  • You will be able to become a modern-day linguist and communicator who can work efficiently an international business environment.

Career opportunities:

Upon completion of your studies you may work e.g. as:

  • office manager or executive assistant in multinational corporations 
  • language/communication consultant
  • shared services center professional 
  • key account manager
  • international project manager 
  • accounting, finance, HR etc. department personnel.
English for Business Purposes

What are you going to learn?

  • You will have an excellent command of spoken and written English.
  • You will develop your soft skills, such as language skills, communication skills or interpersonal skills.
  • You will master a wide range of business vocabulary from such areas as macro- and microeconomics, marketing, sales, management, finance, accounting, law, and tourism.
  • You will get a broad overview of the history and culture of English-speaking countries. 


  • You will have a firm grasp of a number of organizational and corporate issues.
  • You will have an understanding of global marketing strategies.
  • You will know how to design effective business reports and a variety of other business communications (letters, memos, statements, contracts, leaflets, etc.).
  • You will develop a working knowledge of a second foreign language. 

Key program features

Core and general courses:


  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Contrastive Polish-English Grammar
  • English Language Training: Conversation
  • English Language Training: Phonetics
  • English Language Training: Practical Grammar
  • English Language Training: Press Readings
  • English Language Training: Writing
  • Foreign Language II
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • History of English Language and Literature In English
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Introduction to Culture and History of English-Speaking Countries I
  • Introduction to Culture and History of English-Speaking Countries II
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Information Technology And Office Applications
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to Thesis Writing
  • Introduction to Translation
  • Labor Market Challenges
  • Methodology of Project-Based Learning
  • Occupational Health And Safety
  • Physical Education


Major (specialization) courses – Business English with Spanish
commencing in year two of the program

  • Project Management Simulation Game
  • Cross-Cultural Case Studies
  • Doing Business in UK and US
  • English for Finance
  • English for Accounting
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Spanish Language
  • Oral Communication in Business
  • Project Management
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