WSB University authorities, students and graduates

Our University is, above all, made up of people. It is their enthusiasm, energy and dedication that get things going and make everyone enjoy being here. It is so rewarding to watch students spread their wings and learn to fly: see them achieve their educational goals, and then embark on their professional careers. They feel at home. They just want to be here and wish to be part of it


Rector, Chancellors, and Deans. Mostly too busy, they seem to have seven hectic days per week, but when you bump into them in a hallway or passage, they keep smiling and are always willing to help. They are the ones who make sure that the University works fine at all times, wins top places in prestigious contests and rankings, and fosters excellent relationships with employers (or, for that matter, with the local business environment at large). They approve study programs and make decisions on key investments. They must be present at each important ceremony. After all, would anyone imagine celebrating inauguration or graduation without the Rector’s red robe, his broad smile, and his inevitable speech?

“Our students learn from the best academics, trainers and managers who guarantee that the learning is practically relevant, and that the most recent theoretical concepts are taught. At the same time, our teaching approach places emphasis on interaction and delivering immediate results. In effect, we are confident that we educate good managers who know how to penetrate market niches, seize opportunities and evade threats.”

dr Łukasz Makowski

Vice Dean of WSB University in Chorzów


They are partners, counsels, and mentors. Some of them will be remembered for a lifetime, because they have become true life coaches, guiding students’ careers and influencing personal development paths. Helpful and outgoing, but often firm and demanding, too. They can see that it is not just about exam success rates, they realize that what really counts is the students’ understanding of what they are doing, what they are learning and how this learning can work for them in their lives and in their jobs. Far from arrogant, they keep their minds open to what their students can tell them about the latest trends and innovative solutions.

“The Army Recruiting Command in Chorzów perceives its collaboration with the WSB University in Chorzów as part of its mission. During the practical placements and internships that students do at our Command they develop projects and engage in their implementation. At the same time, we try to introduce students to the functions of military administration and its role in the national defense system.”

Ppłk mgr inż. Robert Jańczuk

Army Recruiting Commander for Chorzów, teacher at WSB University in Chorzów


They are thousands of people from across Poland. Enterprising, high-flying, ambitious individuals. With diverse visions of their future lives, they have traveled their life-forming educational paths with us. It is here, at the WSB University, that their life goals evolved, their outlooks matured, and their professional careers were forged. Now they keep coming back to revive their memories and tell us their stories. Some of them join our faculty to share their expertise and experience with new generations of students. We are so proud of all of them!

“Having graduated from the WSB University in Chorzów, I reckon I’m the right person to provide a testimonial and say that its good reputation is well deserved. Many of the teachers here are top-notch professionals and business practitioners, so teaching wasn’t just theoretical, but very practical, too. Importantly, the University offers lots of workshops that allow you to see how much you can already do and to further learn by doing.”

Aleksandra Nochowicz

Recent graduate from a Bachelor’s program


This is the largest and most diverse group. It is them that get the authorities and the faculty going. They make the campus a colorful and noisy place. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and each of them embodies an interesting story and a potential to discover, each is a unique individual and someone to learn from. It is for them, or thanks to them, that the faculty keep working on new solutions to problems, inventing new approaches to instruction, writing books, and hoarding experiences to share. It is the students’ involvement, their success and failure stories, and their passions, that energize the University’s walls and contribute to the making of its amazing climate.

“I have a number of passions: I’m fond of athletics, I love traveling, and I’ve just recently developed an interest in exclusive watches – the history and culture behind them. When contemplating the choice of a university, it mattered for me to avoid conflict between study and my active lifestyle. The way this university is organized means that learning is a productive and pleasurable experience while at the same time leaving me enough room for my other passions.”

Ms Amelia Moj

student in a Master’s program

Administrative personnel

They are always there, working hard behind the scenes: service staff. The good guys, true heroes cast in supporting roles. You will find them nearly everywhere, whether it is the Registrar’s, the Careers Office, the Library, the canteen, or the cloakroom. They are the busy ones in front and back offices who make sure that every small detail clicks in its place. Who see that things happen – everything that needs to happen to give you a good education and a pleasurable study experience. We owe it to their effort that the University shows up at educational fairs, our library collection has been expanding all the time, the hardware and software in the computer labs is working, and lights are on in the restrooms. And, last but not least, their quiet presence means that there is somewhere to leave your coats and stuff or have a hot meal during breaks.

Why study at a WSB University?

Lectures and classes are like journeys to unknown lands. We learn from academics, experts, guest speakers, and from one another. Although books help us organize learning, it is talking to people and experience sharing that truly matters.
We learn through interaction. In workshops we argue with one another, shout out loud in agreement or disagreement, draw in pencil, paint in color, and write in ink. There are no wrong paths, no silly questions or bad ideas, as long they lead to knowing and experiencing.
Our teachers are professionals and they assists us and support us in exploring new issues and new areas, no matter how difficult and complicated they might be. They know how to clarify theory fundamentals so we grasp them easily, and they are happy to share their hands-on experience with us.
University years are the best time to make friends for life. You spend days on campus, in classrooms and lecture halls, studying, talking, sharing work experiences, pursuing passions in student societies. Also the city offers countless opportunities to spend your evenings together.
First job is an important think in your life. You will appreciate the support that our University gives you in your job market entry. The Careers Office staff will do their best to meet your expectations, and the teachers will try to understand your needs at all times.
We have grown up in a world of technology. We are digital natives, surrounded by endless digital amenities. Good news for you: our University keeps pace, we live in this same world of today and communicate the same way that you do. You can be in touch with us at any time via Extranet – our student portal, or Moodle – our virtual learning environment.