Chorzów and Katowice

The classes at the WSB University take place in two closely located cities in Silesia, Chorzów and Katowice. Thanks to this, we are close to our students and auditors. We hope that people fromŻywiec, Bielsko-Biała or Częstochowa, for instance, find it more favourable to come to classes, training, or bring[E1] documents to Katowice, located at the heart of the region.


Both cities are in a short distance from each other, just a few kilometres from each other, and are a part of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region (GOP), the largest industrial district in Poland. The GOP has become asignificant location for mining, metallurgy, transport, energy, engineering, coke, and chemical industries.



The city is considered the local economic and cultural center. In the city through which the charming Rawa stream flows, there is a well-known city park with arange of ​​620 ha. The Silesian Park is one of the largest municipal facilities of this type in Europe.



In 2017, the Silesian Metropolis was established, consisting of 41 cities of the central, industrialized part of the Silesian Province, and Katowice became its seat. Some of the most capitating sightseeing points in Katowice include:

Where to hang out?

The area of Silesian Park is not only an inspirational recreation spot, just perfect for rest and long walks but also a habitat for many species of animals and plants. The park houses the Silesian Planetarium – the most significant and oldest astronomical observatory in Poland. It was built on the highest hill of the so-calledGóra Parkowa, or Park Mountain.

Another attraction of the Silesian Park is the Silesian Funfair, the oldest one in Poland. Opened in 1959, the amusement park occupies about 26 ha and is locatednear the border between Chorzów and Katowice. There are many facilities for children as well as adults, including roller coasters, water attractions, a 40-meter-high viewing wheel, the Silesia Tower, 50m high, equipped with a carousel and a free-fall device, dry pools filled with plastic balls, shooting galleries, car monitors, inflatable trampoline-castles, or carousels for children.

Student life

The WSB University, just like the whole region, is permeated with a fantastic atmosphere, from which beautiful stories, memories as well aslifetime friendshipsare born. The student community arrangesnumerous integration events, trips, jubilees, competitions, and festivals. Interesting urban space, clubs, discos, bars, city parks and attractive meeting places, allfurther boost the endeavours by our students, lecturers, and graduates.

Additionally, the very cities of Chorzów and Katowice are burstingwith cultural attractions, in which you can participate together with yournewly met Silesian friends. You will have time amazing time at many events organized in cities.