What will you learn by choosing this specialization?

International Logistics

What will you learn by choosing this specialization?

  • Managing a digital supply chain.
  • Using the lean management tools in the most effective way.
  • The principles of planning and coordinating the supply network.
  • The principles of co-operation based on cultural differences.
  • Transport management based on sustainable development.
  • You will develop analytical skills in the field of process design.

Check what you get:

  • You learn the software that is actually used in companies on everyday basis: SAP, MS Project, AdoScore, RFID.
  • You have access to the VR laboratory where you will move to the virtual world of Risk management in supply chains, and Sales Team Management. As a result, you will be able to deepen your competences in a simulated environment.
  • You will develop practical skills in the area of Lean management by engaging in the team roleplay and learning through experience. Gamification is the most effective form of learning through play at the managerial level.
  • You can join the Talent Forge where we cooperate with the business and focus on the development of your soft skills.
  • We will teach you how to be an effective leader and you will learn about the power of masterminde

Sought-after profession

dr Anna Orzeł

Logistics specialist is a sought-after profession – which means security when choosing career path after graduation. Logistics specialists are needed by transport companies, logistics centers, warehouses, online stores and production companies – to mention just a few selected areas from a wide range of career opportunities. The development of the e-commerce industry and globalization pose new challenges for companies that are already working in digital delivery chains. It is the international cooperation that allows you to achieve interesting work and promotion opportunities.

dr Anna Orzeł

Logistics Studies Manager

Additional information


  • The studies give you a total of 100 ECTS credits. The ECTS program unifies the way you study in Europe.
  • As part of your studies, you will complete a 3-month internship in the company. It consists of 416 hours of experience in the profession, thanks to which you will be able to develop your practical skills. The internship is a great opportunity to find a job in international corporations already during your studies. Our Careers Office will help you prepare for such an internship.
  • The studies end with the defence of the master thesis. You have got 3 semesters to prepare for it, and a supervisor will be appointed who will support you with his/her knowledge and experience. The final stage is passing the diploma examination.


Jobs for you:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Director, Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Transport Planner
  • Business Process Specialist
  • Logistics Representative


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