What are you going to learn after choosing this major?

International Logistics
  • You will learn the rationalization and optimization of logistics and transport services for the international companies.
  • You will learn to design components of the logistics support systems implemented on the  international scale.
  • You will learn how to solve problems related to logistics within international companies.
  • You will gain the skills to assess the competitive ability of logistics infrastructure in an international environment and to design and adapt its development.
  • You will gain knowledge of the management of transport, forwarding and logistics processes in a globalized industry.
International Logistics

Job positions for you:

  • Employee in the organization with an international reach.
  • Specialist in the field of the logistics management in the international trade.
  • International consultant for logistics processes.
  • Employee in the international companies providing logistics services.
  • The owner of an international company.
  • Employee in the international transport companies, logistics departments of trade and service enterprises.
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