What will you learn by choosing Logistics - Operational Logistics?

What will you learn by choosing Logistics?

  • The principles of functioning of modern logistic systems, a kind of knowledge that is particularly valued by employers.
  • The rules of processes and logistics systems management.
  • The implementation of logistics tasks, including using modern IT tools.
  • The modes of solving logistic problems through teamwork using engineering methods and techniques, including designing logistic systems and processes.
  • The methods of choosing optimal logistics solutions for any area of economic life

What do you gain by studying Logistics at WSB University?

  • Knowledge of unique specializations corresponding to the current requirements of the labour market. The multi-faceted curriculum covers the issues within the technical, economic, and logistical realms of knowledge.
  • The practical skills, the opportunity to participate in various study visits, workshops and conferences. Hence, you will learn about day-to-day work routines in the largest logistics companies in the region.
  • The ability to use modern equipment and software following the latest standards of logistics training.
  • A chance of obtaining the ELSE certificated confirming knowledge of the ERP and WMS class system as well as the ability to use the TransEDU application (TransEDU electronic transport exchange).
practical skills
study visits, workshops and conferences
ELSE certificated confirming knowledge
modern equipment and software

What will you learn in the course of your studies?

  • The modes of using logistic methods and techniques.
  • The methods of using modern IT tools used in enterprise logistics.
  • The techniques of defining logistics goals; identifying and solving logistic problems.
  • The modes of managing logistics processes and systems, warehouse and supply organization.
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